Autoclaves and Sterilizers

HV-25, HV-50, HV-85, and HV-110

Space-saving design with lid opening upward.

Programmable auto-start for initiating a cycle up to 1 week later.

Dual-sensing lid interlock prevents lid opening when chamber is pressurized or when temperature exceeds 97°C.

Automatic air purging by a microprocessor prevents over-pressurization during a cycle.

One-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid.

Programmable rate of steam exhaust.

Door-closure sensor provides a prompt and the cycle will not start unless the door is closed properly.

In-process display shows status and progress of sterilization cycle.

Agar sterilization mode for sterilizing agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature.

Unique accessory: Floating sensor to monitor load temperature.

Sterilization timer is activated only when load temperature reaches set temperature.

Agar melting mode for rapidly melting agar and maintaining it at liquid temperature, or for a hot and faster start-up

Memory backup system retains user-programmed parameters even in case of power failure.

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Portable, Top-Loading Autolaves with Advanced Safety and User-Friendly Features


Control Panel

HV-Series Control Panel

HV-25 size: 25 liters, 9.4" D, 21.6" H
HV-50 size: 50 liters, 11.8" D, 28.0" H
HV-85 size: 85 liters: 16.5" D, 24.2" H
HV-110 size: 110 liters, 16.5"D, 31.3" H

HV-25 and HV-50 Specifications
HV-85 and HV-110 Specifications