Incubator Shakers

GYROMAX™ Incubator Shakers

Amerex's GYROMAX™ and SteadyShake™ orbital shakers incorporate design features that offer quiet, maintenance-free shaking under a constant and reproducible temperature environment. Eleven different models meet the needs of most biological research laboratories for shaking under a precisely controlled temperature environment are available in four basic housing configurations.


  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Can handle flasks to 6 liters (except benchtop models)
  • Stainless steel chamber (GYROMAX™ models)
  • Maximum temperature to 80°C (70°C for models 757 and 757L)
  • Triple eccentric drive for long life and smooth, quiet operation
  • Standard orbit of 25mm for higher oxygen transfer rate compared to 19mm
  • Adjustable shelf for simultaneous incubation with and without shaking
  • Two units can be stacked to save space (for some models)

GYROMAX and SteadyShake are trademarks of Amerex Instruments, Inc.

Incubator Shaker Incubator Shaker

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