IncuMax™ IC150R, IC320R, IC500R AND IC850R

Four IncuMax low-temperature/BOD models, IC150R, IC320R, IC500R and IC850R, ranging from 5.3 cu ft to 30 cu ft, are suitable for applications at/or below ambient temperatures. They feature a PID temperature controller and a compressor-based refrigeration system and forced air circulation to provide both exceptional temperature uniformity and rapid heat recovery throughout its stainless steel chamber. An inside lamp and a glass window enables observation of samples without the need to open the door. The window has a sliding panel that can be closed for the incubator of light-sensitive materials. The IC150R has an additional inner glass door.

The incubators incorporate an independent over-temperature thermostat that eliminates over-heating. An electrical outlet enables small laboratory equipment to be operated inside the chamber. A large access port enables a power cord and many probes to enter the chamber. Two adjustable shelves are supplied with the IC150R, three with the IC320R, and four with the IC500R and IC850R.

IncuMax is a trademark of Amerex Instruments, Inc.