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STEADYSHAKE™ 757L, 757, 757S

The SteadyShake™ 757L, 757 and 757S are economical and compact bench top incubator shakers and occupy minimal benchtop space. The 757S is equipped with an adjustable shelf. The 757L uses an 18" x 18" platform, whereas both the 757 and 757S offer a 15.8" x 11.8" platform. All the models can accommodate 2-liter Erlenmeyer flasks or two 2.8-liter Fernbach flasks. The 757 and 757L swing-up lid and the door of the 757S feature a large viewing window. These shakers use a microprocessor temperature controller to maintain precise temperature control from 3oC to 4oC above ambient to 70oC. A quiet fan ensures temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. The brushless, maintenance-free drive motor generates speeds from 40 to 400 RPM which is displayed on a digital readout. A triple-eccentric drive with counter-balancing weights provides stable shaking, and eliminates the inconvenience of making balancing adjustments as the load increases.

The programmable timer affords a choice of switching between a continuous run or a timed run up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. For even longer runs, each timed run can be repeated up to 999 times.

Multi-step speed programming is available. A program can consist of up to 9 steps and for each step you can change the time, RPM and the direction of rotation. For example, shake for 60 minutes at 300 RPM in a clockwise direction, then for 120 minutes at 250 RPM for 90 in a counter clockwise direction, followed by 200 RPM for 120 minutes in the opposite direction and so on. For applications such as the mixing of immiscible liquids or in extraction, the direction of rotation can change every 1 minute for optimum effect. To prevent over-heating, the controller shuts off the heater if the chamber temperature exceeds the set temperature by a pre-determined number of degrees. In case of a power failure, shaking automatically resumes when power is restored.

Accessories include: Universal platform, clamps, spring rack for tubes in an angled or vertical position tubes plus flasks without the need for clamps, tube racks and universal rack holders, and a holder for micro and deep-well plates.

SteadyShake is a trademark of Amerex Instruments, Inc.

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Steadyshake™ 757L, 757 and 757S Benchtop Orbital Incubator Shakers

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