IncuMax™ Incubators

Non Refrigerated Models:  IC80, IC150, IC320, IC500 and IC850

Refrigerated Models:  IC150R, IC320R, IC500R and IC850R

IncuMax™ incubators from Amerex range from 2.8 cu ft to 30 cu ft (80L to 850L).  They feature a forced air circulation system that provides both exceptional temperature uniformity and rapid heat recovery throughout its stainless steel chamber. The control panel is conveniently located at the top of the incubator. The door is latched when closed. A heat-resistant silicone rubber provides a durable and effective seal.

Four refrigerated models ranging from 5.3 cu ft to 30 cu ft, are suitable for applications at/or below ambient temperature. An electrical outlet enables small laboratory equipment to be operated inside the chamber.

The incubators feature an independent over-temperature thermostat that eliminates over-heating. Two adjustable shelves are supplied with the IC80, IC150/150R, three with the IC320/320R, four with the IC500/500R, and six with the IC-850/850R.

Two specialized incubators also are available.  One is an economical and efficient incubator that is vibration-free and equipped with a compressor designed for growing crystals for X-ray crystallography. The other one is for the testing of lithium ion and other batteries. For more information, please contact Amerex.

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