Open-Air Shakers

GYROMAX™ 818, 828 and 838

GYROMAX™ Platform Shaker 838
GYROMAX™ Lab Shaker

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The 800 series of open-air shakers shakers offer a choice of three shakers with four platform sizes. The largest model, 818, is a large-capacity heavy-duty with a 38" x 24" platform. The smallest 838 offer a choice of two platform sizes. The SK-838 is a compact unit, yet is large enough to carry a significant load.

The shakers feature microprocessor control and digital RPM and timer readouts. The microprocessor regulates the speed to within ±1 RPM of setpoint. The acceleration circuitry provides for a smooth ramp-up of speed to minimize splashing. The drive system features a triple-eccentric drive that is dynamically balanced with counter weights. This feature eliminates the need to make adjustments as the load increases, and together with a low-profile design, ensures a smooth, stable and quiet operation. A fan cools the drive motor to ensure a long life.

A timer can be set to 99 hours and 59 minutes or to 9999 minutes in increments of one minute. If the timer is not needed, it can be easily disabled and the shaker set to run continuously. In case of power failure, the timer will count from where it last stopped after it resumes running.

Accessories include platforms, clamps, tube racks with a universal holder, and stainless steel spring racks for flasks or tubes of different sizes.

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GYROMAX™ 818, 828, and 838 Specifications