Autoclaves and Sterilizers

HRH-110 Specifications

Self-contained Design
Does not require in-house steam, plumbing or a floor drain hole for installation
Sterilization Temperature
105ºC – 135ºC (programmable)
Temperature Display Range
5ºC - 137ºC
Sterilization Timer
1 ~ 60 min (remaining time displayed)
Drying Timer
1 ~ 120 min (remaining time displayed)
Drying Method
Vacuum pump and heating
Sterilization and Operation Modes
  1. For solids – pre-vacuum → sterilization → drying
  2. For solids – pre-vacuum → sterilization → fast exhaust
  3. For liquids – sterilization → slow exhaust
  4. For drying – additional drying after mode #1 → end
Chamber Water Source
Auto water filling from an internal 10-liter water tank
Maximum allowable Pressure (Gauge Pressure)
0.206 MPa (2.06 kg/cm2G)
Chamber Size
16.5" Diameter x 31.3" depth (420 Diameter x 795 depth) mm
Chamber Material
Stainless steel SUS304
Outer Dimensions
27.2W x 45.3D x 54.5H in, (690W x 1150D x 1385H) mm
Pressure Gauge
Analog display: -0.1 ~ 0.4 MPa (-1 to 4 bar)
Safety Devices Pressure relief valve, circuit breaker with GFCI, vacuum pump breaker, low-water power cut-off, insufficient water in the exhaust bottle warming lamp, error messages for 1) wire breakage in temperature sensor, 2) over-heating, 3) over-cooling, 4) over-pressure, and 5) door is not properly locked
Standard Accessories
Drain hose, water supply hose, caster stopper
1) Load sensor, square type wire basket, wire basket with solid bottom, dressing case, 2) Data logger, and 3) Digital printer
Power Source/Consumption
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase, 3.2kW
Net Weight (approx.)
462 lb, (210 kg)
1 year