The 112L HRG-112 and 140L HRG-140 are front-loading autoclaves with a 16.5” (42mm) chamber. They are self-contained and do not need any plumbing for installation. They are suitable for liquids and solids without or with drying by heat and a vacuum pump. For solid loads such as racked pipette tips, the vacuum pump is also used in a pre-vacuum stage during which air is evacuated from the chamber at the start of a cycle, thereby providing a most efficient and faster sterilization compared to other autoclaves not equipped with a pump. These autoclaves also feature a vertical sliding door to save space and a slide-out tray for convenient loading.

Options include a digital printer which outputs time, temperature and pressure, a data logger, and a load sensor which causes the set timer to count only when the load temperature reaches the set temperature.

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HRG-140 Autoclave
HRG-112 Autoclave

HRG-112 and HRG-140 Autoclaves Specifications