HGD-113, AND HGD-133

The HGD-113 and HGD-133 of the HG series offer a drying cycle using heat and a vacuum. They are self-contained, and do not need any plumbing for installation, Both models are suitable for liquids and solids without or with drying by heat and a vacuum pump. For solid loads such as racked pipette tips, the vacuum pump is also used in a pre-vacuum stage during which air is evacuated from the chamber at the start of a cycle, thereby providing a most efficient and faster sterilization compared to other autoclaves without a pump. The models also incorporate a steam generator. Features include:

  • Automatic Lid Opening Button replaces a foot pedal.
  • Automatic Lid Closing Button closes lid conveniently and safely.
  • Safety Interlock senses pressure and temperature and prevents lid from opening during a cycle, when the chamber is pressurized, and when the high temperature can cause boil over.
  • Programmable Auto-Start for running a cycle from 1 to 99 hours later.
  • Large (15 liters)/ Efficient Steam Condenser ensures no steam exhausts into the lab.
  • Built-in Steam Generator
  • Built-in Cooling Fan for faster post-sterilization cooling and shorter completion time.
  • Selectable Rate of steam venting after sterilization.
  • Programmable Time for air removal before sterilization.
  • Twelve Programs Cycles can be stored.

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Self-Contained, Portable Top-Loading Autoclave with Drying Cycle


HGD-113 and HGD-133 Specifications